Between 1933 and 1942, the Civilian Conservation Corps made improvements to more than 40 National Wildlife Refuges across the country. This work included construction and habitat management which had a permanent impact on the future of the refuge system.

Surviving photographs and other records of CCC involvement have been gathered from the Smithsonian Archives, the National Archives, the National Conservation Training Center archive, and other sources. You can browse them here, organized by refuge.

Arrowwood NWR

Bitter Lake NWR

Bombay Hook NWR

Bowdoin NWR

Crescent Lake NWR

Creston NFH

Deerflat NWR

Deslacs NWR

Fort Niobrara NWR

Hart Mountain NWR

J Clark Slayer NWR

Lacreek NWR

Lake Andes NWR

Lake Ilo NWR

Long Lake NWR

Lostwood NWR

Medicine Lake NWR

National Bison Range

Red Rock Lake NWR

Rice Lake NWR

Sabine NWR

Sand Lake NWR

Sheldon NWR

Squaw Creek NWR

Swan Lake NWR

Swanquarter NWR

Tuckahoe NWR

Upper Souris NWR

Valentine NWR

Waubay NWR

White River NWR

Wichita Mountains NWR


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